Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An interesting forum

Our local Federal member of Parliament, Teresa Gambaro invited me and a lot of other small business owners to a small business forum to be addressed by Tony Abbott and also his opposition small business shadow minister. Around 150 people gathered at Bronco's club tonight where we had the chance to ask questions of the opposition leader and some of his team. Small business is the driving force of Australia's economy and Governments of all persuasions ignore it at their peril. Therefore it was pleasing to hear tonight that the conservative side in politics is understanding of this and the very special challenges that small business faces. Nobody goes into small business to get rich... you do it because you want to be in charge of your own life and in my case I truly want to help our special ladies. Teresa Gambaro is a lovely lady and I reinforced to her the importance of maintaining the external prosthesis rebate program that currently is in place.

Our new newsletter should be in your letterbox in the next few days and you will find our specials on Amoena bras in there as well as some other new and interesting products.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Windy Sunday reflecting on February

Another Sunday.. and it's windy here in Brisbane. Sunday is a day of taking it easy in our household. Mark usually takes me out for breakfast and then an easy day around the house follows. And we like to take Dorothy down for a walk along the river. Even though today was windy I enjoyed the walk.. as did Dorothy. And it's good to see the River Cats back again too. (Although there is still a lot of rubbish floating down the river)

Walking along is a good time to think about things and clear the mind and today I was thinking about February just gone. Slowly Brisbane is getting back to normal after the flood although a lot of people are still waiting for their insurance companies to get their act together. And at the Boutique we have heard some amazing tales of how people were affected and how they coped with the flooding. The human spirit is an amazing thing!

I have had Mark busy photographing some products in his studio for our April newsletter; which goes to print this week. We are featuring two new prostheses from Amoena. It looks good.. stand by! Also in February my dog Dorothy had to have surgery to remove a cyst from her head. My grateful thanks to Dr Allen O'Grady from Albion who took care of my baby for me. And of course as mentioned in a previous post, my uncle and aunt surprised me with a weekend visit from Melbourne. They are a delightful couple and we love their company so much. Many thanks John and Pauline.

Talk soon.