Friday, March 16, 2012

There must be an election in the air!

Today we saw Tim Nicholls MP, Peter Matic BCC Councillor and Saxon Rice the LNP candidate for our local area at One Park Road. The event was the announcement that should the LNP win on Saturday week, they will provide funding for the Brisbane City Council to improve the street at Park Road. The idea is to make it more attractive and so attract more shoppers to the area. The local press where there taking photos of us all and I had the chance to spend some time talking with Tim Nicholls and Saxon Rice. It has to be good news for the retail environment .. but we will see who wins next Saturday.

Mark managed to grab a couple of pictures.. me in the crowd for the press photographer and at the front of the shop with Tim Nicholls and Saxon Rice. Our newsletter is meaning we are very busy at the moment with lots of customers taking advantage of our manufactures rebate when you buy 2 bras. Talk soon.