Wednesday, December 20, 2017

And so this is Christmas....

And so this is Christmas....

Paraphrasing John Lennon's famous verse...

As another year nears its end, I am taking a little time to look back over the last 12 months. It has been an interesting year for us at Spirit of Life. A couple of road trips to the bush to fit ladies who are isolated. (And thank you to all rural Queenslanders for your amazing hospitality) And another 2  -3 planned for 2018. We shall advise where and when in the fullness of time.

Refuelling on the way west!

Talking to ladies at Barcaldine prior to fitting some of them.

The boutique has been busy and is keeping Christina and me on our toes. Lovely to meet a lot of new ladies and take care of them over the year.

We made the decision back in 2012 to specialise in mastectomy and post surgical only and when ladies come in and ask "Which bras are suitable for mastectomy patients?" we simply say.. "All of them!' And they just love it!

Also just unpacked in time for summer are some new Sunmarin mastectomy swimsuits from Sunflair of Germany

Look for these on our website in the next 24 hours. now!

If there are any politicians of any party that ever read my blogs, let me tell you this. The one thing that our customers tell us when they come in.. is how concerned, no make that troubled, worried about their power bills they are. Telling people that their bills will fall by $160 a year or that you are finding ways ways for people to pay their bills off.... is not the answer.

You need to seriously find a way to lower power bills by around 40%. The pensioners use as little as they can.. but they get nailed by the fixed charges.

To ALL politicians of ALL parties.. it isn't good enough!

Families struggle to survive while the power companies vacuum up all of their cash.

On a personal level I have a birthday coming up soon and we are going with some friends on Saturday night to celebrate at a local restaurant with Christina and Mark. Looking forward to that.

And I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of our special ladies for your support this past year, your custom is appreciated.

You know, the very reason that we come to work each day, is to be here for you.

To truly help make a difference in your lives.

Christina and I and our associates are passionate about what Spirit of Life does.

Because we honestly believe that there is Life and Lingerie after Breast Surgery.

And we thank each and every one of you for your kind responses, the emails, the cards and phone calls... and the hugs. Especially the hugs!

Speaking of associates, we are pleased to announce that Glenda Harris, formerly of Amoena is now an associate of ours at the boutique and you will probably see her working here on our busier days.

Welcome on board Glenda!

Glenda and Debra

And so to Christmas... obviously we will not be open on Christmas Day as we will be enjoying the spirit of Christmas with family and friends.

However, unlike past years, we will have Christina here on the non pubic holidays between Christmas and New Year. She will be on her own as I will be out of town. So if you need anything, give her a call. If you get voice mail, it just means she is busy and will call you back. I might suggest you call her and make a booking if your time is important to you. As it stands she already has bookings for fittings during that period now.

And finally... I wish each and everyone of you a magical Christmas with your families. We look forward to seeing you all in 2018.

Take care out there.


Friday, December 8, 2017

This s NOT acceptable! Ever!

This is a note from Mark.. Debra's husband.

To the lady who drove 250 km to Debra's boutique today to buy a small form and then was upset to find we didn't have it in stock.

I would like to say.. 3 of our deliveries from Amoena were lost in transit this week making for very hard retailing for us with low supplies.

Now when you came in Debra herself was on the way to Gympie to see her ailing father, and our daughter Christina was running the shop.

Your outrageous behaviour in abusing Christina (which reduced her to tears and made her physically ill - she thew up after you left)  and throwing your prosthesis at her is totally unacceptable.

Your foul mouth with your ranting and swearing is again totally unacceptable.

Debra does not employ Christina to take such abuse.

She, like Debra is there to be of service, not to be criticised.

Your threats to tell your breast care nurse and your friends about what a terrible shop Spirit of Life is... are welcome.

QLD breast care nurses know what a great service Debra provides and will probably ignore you.

And if your friends are like you.. we don't want them in the shop either.

And so in closing.. you know who you are... from this point on we have a choice too... and our choice is to not have you as a customer.

We don't need your custom, we don't need your money and we certainly don't need your abuse.

If I had of been there I would have ordered you out of the door... on the spot.

Go and find another retailer to abuse.. you are no longer welcome, in fact you are banned for life at Spirit of Life Boutique.