Monday, August 1, 2011

I simply cannot understand the value....

Last Friday an old girlfriend was in town, so I spent a little time with her in the city enjoying tea and scones at a well known cafe. Just fabulous catching up. But when I returned to my little car... I just could not believe the fee to park. For parking in the city I was charged $26 per hour.. so for 1 hour and 20 minutes, $39.00!!! How on earth can a space in which to park your car cost more per hour than what a shop assistant earns in the same time?

It is outrageous and I can understand why people shop in the suburbs. Here at the Boutique our first hour for customers is free. Now that's hard to top!

Mark is still in shock... $26 per hour for a car parking space. Someones making a bucket load of money out of that. And train fares.. Mark took the train to the city and back the other day (he hasn't got a Go card) and it was almost $20 return.

And still the governments at both State and Federal level are in debt. What on earth is going on?