Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today is much better... and Clayfield looks better!

Well after my unexpected dental surgery yesterday.... I am feeling much better today! And the work on our new Clayfield shop continues to look better every day. The plaster walls are up on our fitting rooms and the doors have been fitted. Mark has put a couple of signs in the windows to tell of our moving in and this reminds me... We will be closed on the last Friday in June to commence our move. Iam hoping that the shop will be ready for painting late next week and then we turn to the sign writers. This is an exciting and challenging time for me... onwards and upwards says Mark! Debra

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And on a positive note...

And on a positive note.. my little dog Dorothy turns 11 today. I still remember Mark & I collecting her from the airport. This lovely little ball of fluff who grew to enchant me totally. I had never really been a "dog person" until Mark arranged to get her from Condoblin in NSW. But within an hour of bringing her home.. she was "my dog" much to Mark's surprise. Her picture appears along with me on our newsletters and a lot of ladies ask me how my little dog is going. Well at 11 she is just fine. Runs around the house hiding my slippers and is always there to greet me at the end of each day. Happy Birthday Dorothy!

A day I would like to forget...

Well the progress at Sandgate Road continues... today our friends from Pearson Sellwood group transferred our old chandelier from Milton to Clayfield. (Picture below) And the sheeting on the walls is coming along nicely. Sounds good.. well it is except I broke a tooth today and had to make an emergency trip to the dentist. End result is.. I haven't had tooth extracted since I was around 10.. I forgot what an awful experience it is. Feeling really sorry for myself now.. mouth full of wadding and tummy full of panadols. never mind.. tomorrow is another day. Debra

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A progress report on 682 Sandgate Rd Clayfield...

What a busy weekend... special appointments in the boutique on Saturday and then off to a good friend's 60th birthday on Saturday night. A magic party on acreage. Bonfires, great live band and lots of good company. Happy Birthday Dave Paton! Today it's off to a fundraiser, but first.. time to check how the shop is going. Richard and Mark have erected the walls for the larger (wheel chair friendly) fitting room. it will be good. We have repainted the outside of the front of the shop and by this time next week all internal fittings should be done. Have a quick look at progress here!

Friday, May 18, 2012

So we're on the move.. a new home for SOL!

After 10 + years at One Park Road Milton; we're moving to a new home. Yes as of Monday July 2, Spirit of Life Boutique will be located at Clayfield. We will be at 682 Sandgate Road just outbound past Clayfield College. Free parking is available in the streets behind us (Drane & Victoria Streets) and we will have a bigger shop than before. (10% bigger) Our current phone number will still work (07 3511 4222) for at least a year afterwards.. but we will write to our customers with our new details. Finding us is easy.. if you are coming from the Southside you can either use the Clem 7 Tunnel and continue on through the Albion 5 ways and then up Sandgate Road or else the Gateway Bridge, exit near Toombul Shoppingtown, head inbound on Sandgate Road to the Clayfield Shopping Centre. (We're near Clayfield College) If you are coming from the Northern Suburbs, then hop onto Sandgate Road from the Gateway Motorway of else cut across from Lutwyche Road. We're hoping that you our customers will endure less congested traffic conditions as you effectively stay out of the inner Brisbane area. At the moment Richard and Mark are building new fitting rooms for me (and they're bigger than our already large rooms) and the front of the shop is being given a "freshen up" in a new colour scheme. As we progress to our shifting date.. I will give you more information. In the meantime here are a couple of pictures of the inside as it is being built.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Car Park Blues

Well.... as posted previously our Landlady has insisted on charging all people who park at One Park Rd a minimum of $5. The first hour used to be free. If you are visiting the shop we again advise you to look for some parking on the street. We see this as just a money grab by the centre management here and in fact their revenue has actually dropped we are given to understand. We have had the local media interview us and I have posted here the clip from the local paper. A few of our customers have been upset to find they need to pay $5 just to drop in for 20 minutes or so.. and have let us know in no uncertain terms. Please understand we have no control over this and we are very angry about the situation too. Again.. please boycott the car park.. it is relatively easy to find street parking here if you make your appointment outside of the lunch hour rush on the cafe strip here in Park Road. Debra