Thursday, May 29, 2014

Did you get the latest "Amoena Life"

Amoena have mailed out their "Amoena Life" magazine. You should have a copy now. In their you will find the new Karla and Pauline range of mastectomy bras.

Well we now have the best stocks of these in Australia of these two lines. Order yours now on-line or come into the boutique to be professionally fitted by either Debra or Christina.

Click on the links above to view them!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Breast Prostheses; getting back to being your old self again

There is a wide selection of Breast Prosthesis on the market in all different shapes and sizes.
This is because no two women are  the same shape or size.
 Some women have a lumpectomy and some have full mastectomies; so we have all kinds of breast prosthesis to cater for everyone.
Also the breast prosthesis come in different weights and it depends on each individual as to which one they need.
The breast prosthesis needs to be fitted to you for the first time as we try to match to your own remaining breast.
If you have had a lumpectomy, you will still need to be fitted so that the Partial breast prosthesis can fill in the part that has been removed.
The breast prosthesis is hand made up of a silicone and oil to give a natural look that is soft like your own breast. And we have the latest breast prosthesis that is 30% lighter than the normal breast prosthesis.
Also it Comfort+ temperature -equalizing material absorbs, stores and releases heat to maintain a balance between the breast form and your body.
There is also available a contact Breast Prosthesis. This is a popular one with our ladies as you can wear it attached to your chest wall. The advantage to this is you can wear it also in the pocketed bra so you have a choice.
Once you have been fitted with a breast prosthesis you will feel and look a lot more like your old self again.