Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We welcome Ben, a QANTAS Captain at Spirit of Life Boutique.

As you must surely know from all of the articles in the media.. October is breast cancer awareness month. Of course we aways get into the swing of things with many fund raising events to attend through the month.

It is also great to see the corporate world getting on board too! To this end QANTAS have given their air crew pink bars for their epaulettes for the month of October! We think it's great. Just last May/June Mark & I travelled to London and then New York and Los Angeles with a few different airlines... but finally when we went to LAX to come home.. there was the magic Flying Kangaroo waiting for us. Love those 747 aeroplanes, Queen of the skies alright. And with that flying Kangaroo on the tail, well it doesn't get much better than that. In fact you could hear other Aussies entering the aircraft ahead of us and say.. "QANTAS.. at last we're home!" And that is how we felt too.

And one of those special QANTAS people is Captain Ben O'Keefe who pilots for QantasLink and popped into the shop to say hello. Ben is only too aware about the need to raise awareness of breast cancer as his own grandmother had her own journey with this wicked disease.

Always smiling Captain Ben O'Keefe and Debra

Of course Annie and Christina wanted a pix with Captain Ben too!

Pretty in pink... the QANTAS epaulette for October!

If you are one of the many women from regional QLD who have flown to Brisbane to visit it us, it is very likely it was Ben who brought you here and took you back with that famous QANTAS safety and service. You're always welcome here Captain Ben!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Last day for our factory rebates!

Morning all. Today I was at a Terri Cooper Networking breakfast and learning about the use of Twitter etc for your business. Our Spirit of Life Boutique was the event sponsor and as such I had the chance to say a few words and run an AV of what Spirit of Life Does.

Terri Cooper, Debra & Bev from the Lido Cafe!

Our AV running for the audience.

Also as today is September 30, it is the last day for the Amoena rebate on bras. When you purchase 2 or more Amoena bras, you get a 15% factory rebate off the purchase price. This ends as of close of business tonight. Also as the warmer days are coming our swimsuits are literally flying out the door. These are all made in a single order and delivered factory fresh to us. Once they are gone.. that's it. You will be disappointed if you don't get in soon for the widest choice.

New York mastectomy (pocketed) swimsuit.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Spring newsletter is out!

So our spring newsletter is out.. if you haven't got yours.. it will be along in your letterbox soon. And already Christina and I are rushed off our feet. This latest Boutique News is twice the size of the previous and now out to 8 pages. We started at 2! Lots of new seasons swimwear and all sorts of goodies to behold. Keep your eye out for yours.. and if you fancy what you see inside. .then get in quick as a lot of stock is a one off import for us.

Keep your eye out for this!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Our next newsletter is a humdinger!

So our newsletter for Spring/Summer is finally at the printers. And this time around it is twice the size it used to be. I am personally over the moon about this as we have room to show our customers even more stunning fashion that we have coming the first week in September. Keep an eye out for it in the last week of August! You'll love t!

Monday, June 29, 2015

The holiday was great...

But now it's back to work. Mark and I took 3 weeks off to travel to England to see his cousin Mark and family. We had not been to England since 2000 and had not seen Mark over there since 1998. Just loved it. Then to New York to celebrate a significant birthday and cash in the remainder of Mark's frequent flyer points.

Me on the flight deck of the USS Intrepid in New York.

But now we're back it is all systems go as we order stunning new stock for later this year and early 2016. And of course we are now starting production of our next newsletter with mark shooting some products in the studio. Like this new head scarf in our own Spirit of Life range.

Don't you just love it? Really stands out!

Well.. at last it is open

Well.. at last it is open.. Legacy Way tunnel that is. You may think that this is a strange thing to write about on a mastectomy fashion blog, but there is a reason.

Now ladies from Ipswich and Brisbane's Western Suburbs can get to our Spirit of Life Boutique at Clayfield in a very quick time. Yesterday I sent Mark out to have a look at the tunnel while I had breakfast with a girlfriend!

Clever me!

He came back ecstatic. While the Western Freeway had always fed traffic in from the Ipswich Motorway, it ended at Toowong and then one had to fight the traffic along Milton Road to join up with the Inner City Bypass to get out to the Northside. But now the tunnel is open, the drive is stress free and fast. If you use this new tunnel and then take the airport link tunnel (being careful to take the Clayfield off ramp) you will only have been through 3 sets of lights since you first entered the Ipswich motorway.

Amazing.. we have had ladies in the Boutique last Friday and again today who have used the tunnel and all 3 of them said the same thing.. so easy and so stress free.

You can read more about the tunnel here.

Tell us what you think about this tunnel next time you use it to come and see us at Spirit of Life Boutique.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The clock is ticking on our monthly special.

As we head to the end of March, we have been so busy here at the Boutique. It seems that our ladies love a bargain. 15% off when you purchase 2 or more bras from Amoena. This is a manufacturer's rebate and must finish next Tuesday at 4:00 PM

And Amoena have also started in the middle of this month another fabulous special. If you purchase a new prosthesis and bra you get an Amoena beach bag valued at $49.95 free of charge. These bags are limited stock... so get in now to enjoy 15% off your two bra purchase and a free beach bag if you purchase a prosthesis at the same time!


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The newsletter is out.. we are busy.. but...

Our Autumn/Winter newsletter is out and we are flat out. Is is great so see so many friendly faces in the store. If you are on our list and haven't received your newsletter yet.. it will be there soon! And don;t delay coming in as some of this fabulous stock is seasonal and won't be here again. When it is gone.. it's gone!

However, one thing that does concern me is this: No Shows on Saturdays. As you may be aware, we open Monday to Friday and on SOME Saturdays on an appointment basis only. The last 3 Saturdays that I have come to work and opened up especially to see ladies who couldn't come through the week, the no show rate has been appalling. From the usual 60% of late to a 100% failure last Saturday. Not even the common courtesy of a phone call. As passionate as I am about what we do here at the boutique, I do have a life away from here and can find other things to do on a Saturday (like see my Physio or Doctor) than sit here and wait for people who simply don't turn up after we have made a special appointment for them. I even ring people and they simply do not return my calls!

So, from now onwards, if you want to come on a Saturday, we will ask you to pay a $25 opening fee in advance on your credit card. When you come to the boutique, we will of course credit this towards your purchase. If you don't turn up.. well you get the picture.

I am not trying to be difficult, but the no show rate for Saturday appointments has now reached crazy figures.

I do hope you understand our position.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Busy bees we are!

I sound like Yoda. But yes we are busy bees stuffing many thousands of newsletters into envelopes ready to be posted out to our lovely ladies. It has been all hands on deck with Mark ferrying the newsletters to the post office for me.

So look in your letter box early next week and you will find our very latest newsletter with all sorts of  lovely new products.

Must get back to stuffing envelopes...


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Well.. it's here.. faster than I expected!

2015 that is.. can you believe it? As a girl of 16 in the 60s, I could never have contemplated life in 2015.

And what a really awful start to the year.

I cannot believe that in this day and age there would be terrorists in my beloved country Australia.
And I cannot understand why the Muslims do not integrate like all the other cultures.
I grew up in the western suburbs of Melbourne where we had Italians, French, Chinese to name a few of the new Australians as we called them back then.

We all got along and shared each others different cultures. But for some reason the muslims do not want to mix with us. Just try as a westerner to set up a Christian Church in a Muslim country, and you would be stopped. The bottom line is that they they have no tolerance for other peoples culture or religion.

So To all those Islamic terrorists out there... listen up!

We will not change our ideals nor will we change our principles. This is our country and no minor religion will bend us or make us live in fear. We are Australians and we do not negotiate with terrorists.

My heart goes out to Paris; I have been there many times and love it. To all the families we pray for you and send our love in support.

Its time to start letting the Government know it is not acceptable to try to placate these criminals! It is  time the Government of this country got tough with these Islamic hate preachers and the terrorists themselves. We the silent majority have had enough. We want our country back please!

The law needs to change... we need a Guantanamo Bay type jail for those identified as terrorists or those plotting to carry out terrorist actions against us. This would send a message not to stuff around with us. And what about bail conditions? How about not letting people like Man Haran Monis out on bail when they have so many charges pending.  Who are the judges.. friends of the loony left?

Enough is enough.

Now.. got that off my chest so lets move on to something nicer....

We have had our first week back after the Christmas break and we have been very busy.  Our supply of swimsuits is nearly all gone so if you need a new swimsuit, then get in fast as sizes are limited.

Me and Chloe.. she is so cute!

This afternoon Mark and I took Chloe for a walk along the river.. and as usual.. Mark brought a camera. Looking forward to seeing you in the shop soon.