Wednesday, August 30, 2017

One more day to spring!

Just one more day to spring! Warmer days, mild temperatures and lots of fun. And with Spring as usual we have our Spring - Summer newsletter with all sorts of new and exciting lingerie. As a teaser i have shown the front page here!

If you are on our mailing list you should get yours in the next week or so.. come on now Australia Post.. go harder!

Here's a little video of some of the new goodies.

Looking forward to seeing you in the boutique ...... real soon.

Here it is!

Monday, August 28, 2017

A quick trip to Barcaldine!

So we are back from a 2200km trip to Barcaldine. A long way to go to attend a workshop but worth every minute of the trip. The Breast & Prostate Cancer Association of QLD run rural workshops to educate men and women about these cancers, their occurrences and treatment options. We have been very proud to have been asked along for many of these events.

Mark & I have travelled to St George, Biloela, Mt Isa, Warwick, Charleville etc for these events and the ladies are always very happy and appreciative of the effort that goes into them.

On this trip apart from myself talking about what we do at Spirit of Life, we also had a breast surgeon, oncologist, men's health specialist doctor, psychologist, dietician and breast care nurses too. Because of the weight of the products we take to display, flying is not an option so Mark drives us out there in our Holden. Here are some pictures of the trip.

Breakfast at Barcaldine on day 2 of the drive!

A cold lemon squash on arrival at Barcaldine

Betty the model about to do her thing in the local hall.

All set up so very early in the morning!

Very attentive ladies indeed.

The team of presenters and organisers.

Even got 10 minutes to see the tree of knowledge!

To the nurses from Rockhampton, Emerald and Barcaldine.. what a dedicated bunch of professionals you are. I am really humbled to be there with you and the Doctors. And to the people of the West.. thank you so much for the warm hospitality you showed us all. An amazing place to visit and I highly recommend that you consider a drive out to QLD's far west to enjoy all of it for yourself.

The locals will make you feel very welcome.

Now back to the Boutique as our September newsletter mails this week... keep an eye out for it!


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

And so the Ekka is over...

And that means our September newsletter is about to be posted in the next week. We have been busy here at the boutique, inserting newsletters into envelopes and addressing them. And of course serving customers too!

On Thursday we head off to Barcaldine to be part of a breast cancer awareness function and I am looking forward to that. Our first road trip in some time and the first in our "new" 3 year old Holden.

In other news.. Mark often hangs some of his own photographs (apart from commissioned work) from his studio in the boutique for Decor. One in particular drew so many comments and got so much attention that I was being asked by people if they could buy a copy of it.

Long story short.. yes you can.

A beautiful 24 x 20 inch print produced on metallic finish silver paper by Mark's profession lab.

And you'll find it on the boutique's website.

Have a look here!

More envelopes to stuff so I must get back into it.