Monday, August 27, 2012

I don't believe it.. how did we miss that???

I don't believe it.. how did we miss that??? So here we are folding and shoving our September newsletter into envelopes to go out this week... and we find a glaring mistake! How did we miss that? Well what I am talking about is the "Specials Box" where it it supposed to say... "During the month of September" but instead it says "During the month of August". About 8 people have proof read this (including me) and we all missed it! So when you do get your newsletter please be assured that our special discount is for September, not August and you haven't missed out. On a more positive note Jan has joined us at Spirit of Life and she has many years experience and a lovely personality.. so she will fit right in here at the Boutique. Till next time... Debra

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Breast Screen Scrapped? Don't believe the papers!

This morning's Sunday Mail had the banner headline that the LNP Government was scrapping Breast Screen. No doubt this has sent shock waves through all women in QLD. Well you cannot always believe what you read in the paper. The reporter (Renee Viellaris) who wrote this has either not been aware of the facts or has chosen a cheap headline.. either way the Sunday Mail is misleading the public and should be ashamed of themselves. My phone has run hot from friends and relatives over this story this morning. Their story is not true and is gutter journalism at its worst. Even I, a shop owner and not a journalist can find the facts! Read the facts here for yourself. And then protest to the Sunday Mail!

Friday, August 3, 2012

A magic break on a Friday.

Well Clayfield is buzzing along nicely and today we had a special guest in the boutique. Roxanne Parker and Glenda Harris from Amoena paid us a visit and then took Mark and I to lunch at a lovely little cafe in Hendra. We had a chance to talk about what's new in the range of Amoena products for 2013 and also the layout of our Spring newsletter. As usual Mark brought a camera and here we are. Till next time, Debra.