Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some days.. you could walk on air!

Working away on our next newsletter and this email pooped up in my inbox.

Hi I rang yesterday and spoke with Christina - What an asset she is to your business!!!

She talked me through my purchase and helped me along the way - which resulted in my purchase of two prosthesis and one bra!!

Today at 1.35 pm in Adelaide  I recieved my purchase - I was amazed - what great service!!  The fact that I only ordered about 3pm made it even more surprising!! And postage was free for me - although I was aware  that your business paid over $50.00.

In this day & age, good customer service is sadly lacking - but your business should be commended for your staff and your prompt delivery of the goods.

Many thanks

Sharyn M

It just made my day. Our small team try so hard to be good at what we do.. and to get this back from a customer has made our day. Even tonight I am walking on air!