Monday, March 31, 2014

Special Bras for Special Women

Cancer is a disease that takes a lot away from the patient. The battle is usually tough and draining therefore anyone who survives is considered a hero in many ways. Breast cancer is no different. Most breast cancer survivors have had to get a mastectomy.
A mastectomy refers to the removal of all or part of a breast usually with the intention of cutting out cancerous growths or cells in the breast. This is a traumatizing experience for any woman because like most women, you probably took great pride in your breasts as you were growing up.
Getting back to wearing your bra after you have fully recovered from breast surgery may be heartbreaking since you will not be able to wear it anymore and it will serve as a painful reminder of your ordeal.
Lucky for you, there are bras that are made specifically for those women that have undergone a mastectomy. These bras look like your everyday bras. They feature soft padding for added comfort. The best feature is of course the fact that they have pockets where one can place prosthetic breasts. This ensures that they stay in place.  
Mastectomy bras are very hard to come by since they are not used by many people as compared to normal bras. When you do come across one, you may get all excited and forget the important thing which is comfort. Make sure it fits you well at the cup and all round. 
Some can be strapped from the back as usual and some both back and front. They are pretty much like your old bras. It may take a while before you feel comfortable walking around in prosthesis but once you do you will stop feeling self conscious.
New from Spirit of Life is this pretty strapless mastectomy bra

Going through breast surgery is no mean fete and so you deserve all the beautiful things on the earth that could make you happy and feel like a princess. A mastectomy bra is among those things.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Choosing a Mastectomy Bra

Choosing a Mastectomy Bra
 Bras are important to every woman because of their purpose. They have to be able to perform their duty well. Mastectomy bras are no different. If anything, you need to be more careful when choosing this bra. More and more designs are being released, making the selection process a little difficult especially for the newbie.
This process can be made much easier if you visit a certified mastectomy bra fitter. They will know where to start from. Here are a few of the things they will look at.
Band size
This is basically the width of your chest under your breasts. It should fit well but not be too tight. You should be able to fit two fingers between the band and your skin.  
This is very important. An uncomfortable bra can make your day very crappy. Sometimes it could even lead to a backache so be careful. Fit all your bras beforehand and ensure they are a proper fit.
How does it look under your clothes?
Just like any other bra, it should complement your look and not ruin it. You can carry revealing clothes when you go for your fitting so that you get an idea of how it will look if you choose to wear something naughty or an exquisite dinner dress.  
Those that have had a single breast removed will have to ensure that the prosthesis doesn’t move around in the bra. This happens when the cup size is not right. The pockets in the bra keep it in place and also absorb sweat.
One who has had a double mastectomy on the other hand has more leeway. They can choose to transform themselves with a new cup size but within the limits of their body frame. 
These bras come in many different types. Some have lace, plain, halter top, underwire, racer back and even strapless. There is so much variety to get you back to feeling sexy in your clothes again.    


Saturday, March 8, 2014

I have never seen this before...

If you have received one of our latest newsletters then you will know about our new prosthesis from Amoena. In the 12 years of my time at Spirit of Life I have never seen a product that is so popular. This first week of March we have sold over a month's worth of them.

From page 3 of our newsletter.

The ladies just love them... if you want to know more. please ring me on (07) 3511 4222 and arrange to come and try one for yourself. I would advise making an appointment as we are simply over run with ladies wanting them at the moment so you may have a long wait without an appointment.

Take care ladies.