Tuesday, December 27, 2016

And so another year draws to a close....

Taking time out between Christmas and New Year I have been thinking about 2106. Both the highs and the lows. The world has changed in ways I could never have imagined even 10 years ago. We do live in troubled times despite what our politicians may say.

On a positive note I do hope that 2106 has been good to you and that 2017 will do the same. If this past year has not been the best, then I sincerely trust 2017 will be filled with sunshine and love for you. We close the boutique between Christmas and New Year so I can enjoy a well earned break with Mark. Being self employed, I don't get the annual 4 weeks holiday each year, so this time to break bread, to be be thankful and also to simply take time be still.. is important to me.

To the two ladies who wanted to shop for bras on Christmas Day; I am sorry to have disappointed you but for our family, Christmas is a time of special meaning for us and so the Boutique is always closed on Christmas Day. And at the risk of offending you, we make no apologies for that.

While it has been a good year for us, a week in Hawaii (frequent flyer points can work sometimes) in October, we have had our share of rainy days too as we attended too many funerals this past year. I guess as one becomes older, this is to be expected.

It just shows to me at least, that every day is precious. As Zig Ziegler once said.. "If you think that some days are not important.. just try missing one."

So we open up for business next Tuesday the 3rd and I look forward to seeing you then. Should you have a prosthesis rupture in the meantime, please email us and put URGENT in the message line with your contact details. I will try to help you out.

Mark has been repairing a friend's motor scooter.. he used to be an auto electrician in his youth.. and so sorting out the headlight on this is something he enjoys getting his teeth into. He convinced me today to be photographed on the Scooter as he likes the sun glasses and hat combination.


Monday, December 5, 2016

Transgender women are also important...

This came by email to me. I have removed the names and identifying parts of this ladies message.  All transgender women are always welcome at the boutique. We are there to help and are not judgemental at all. 

Although your primary audience is mastectomy patients, you probably realise that there's a significant market for transgender women needing help while we "grow our own".
I have a set of Aqua Wave forms and Contact Multi 3S adhesive pads, which I picked up from the wonderful ladies at Spirit of Life Boutique, Clayfield, Brisbane.
I got them just before I left for three months in (with held) as the (with held) at the (with held) Lodge.
In the daytime, I often take long hikes up the surrounding mountains. My Amoena forms have been wonderful. Always stay in place, even during strenuous climbs in 40 degrees. And in the Lodge swimming pool after! Or spiffed up for dinner.
The concave back on the forms is allowing my own breasts to grow without the overall look becoming unnaturally large."