Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Australia Day...

So you know the year is starting to age. The kids are back at school and Australia Day is upon us. But what does it mean to you? A day at the beach? (Going to be wet and windy in South East QLD apparently!) Or a barbeque with friends? Do you now what we celebrate? To be honest I am surprised at how many younger Australians don't know what Australia Day is all about. You tell them it's the day the First Fleet dropped anchor in Sydney Cove and they look at you with a blank face. And now 224 years later, we put Australian flags that are made in China on our cars that are made in Korea/Japan/Malaysia and some that are even made here and celebrate all that Australia means to us. At least I hope we do. To me Australia has been a place where you get a fair go. An egalitarian society where we look after each other. This has been shown to be true after the floods in Brisbane last year.

I hope our Australian way of life where we all fit in together; those born here and those who come to share our lifestyle and contribute to make a better Australia continues to be. Just yesterday I saw a car with a sticker that said "Australia, love it or leave it". A bogan sentiment? No I don't think so. Just an outward expression of how we all feel about the greatest country on earth.

And if you know some young people, do yourself and them a favour and see if they know what Australia Day actually celebrates. If they don't know.. fill them in. The Boutique will be closed on Australia Day.. but we look forward to seeing you on Friday and hearing about how you spent Australia Day. Our next newsletter is due out in March.. keep your eyes peeled for it.