Monday, October 3, 2011

So now we're 10!

October marks the 10th birthday of the Spirit of Life Boutique. And what a journey it has been. At first I managed the shop for the original owners (Coloplast) and then 7 years ago this month Mark & I purchased it. It has been a trip full of happiness from being able to help our special ladies and also tinged with sadness as we lost a few along the way. Today we celebrated with a few special people including long time staffer Jen, breast care nurses, our extended staff in the form of Helen our long suffering accountant, Desleigh our book keeper and Monte our Google master. We also had a visit from our good friend Tim Nicholls MP. Tim has been a friend of ours for many years now and is always interested in the boutique and always quick to offer helpful advice. He is one politician to watch in the future.

To all of the crew who joined with Mark & I tonight.. than you so very much. We'll do the next one in 5 years!