Saturday, August 31, 2019

Here it is... our Spring specials month

So every September we mail out to our customers our Spring/Summer newsletter. And this year it is no different. If you are a customer of the Boutique you should see your newsletter in your mail box i the next few days. Have a good read and then pick what you want.. and come visit us at the shop. We have some lovely new bras in for this season... you'll love them.

So come and say hello to Helen and me. We'd love to see you.



P.S... Don't forget to read Julie Gallagher's blog featuring Debra too!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

We love our clients.. and they love us right back.

Jenny breezed into the shop last week and handed Helen a potted plant.

Helen and her amazing plant!

"Helen is a real blessing and I thank God we have you girls at Spirit of Life to look after us ladies. I left your shop feeling fabulous. Thank you girls so much and keep up the good work." Jenny

And Jenny, we love having you here every time you visit. It's the only reason we get out of bed each day os to be of service to you and the other ladies.. and top help make your life happier.


Monday, August 5, 2019

Thank you so much Rockhampton

Well back last night from a magic trip to Rockhampton. I am humbled by the ever increasing support we get from our ladies up there. The Cancer Council of Qld kindly allow me to use their facilities to fit the special ladies, and Saturday just passed was the busiest I have ever been since we started this in 2005.

The ladies laughed, they hugged me and told me they really appreciate me coming to see them. They love the variety and tell me that.. "You're amazing Debra, you know what fits me every time, first time!"

That was the theme of every compliment I received. And I truly thank you all for coming and also to the BCN and other health professionals who know us so well and recommend us to their patients.

I also have to thank Mark who was the driver and roadie for me on this trip. Packing the car, driving and then setting up his studio light stands as a rack to hang bras and swimsuits on. He's a keeper I think.... after 31 years.

Rest stop on the road up. Mark used to fix speedos for a repair shop here.

Here Mark.. fix this for me will you?

All set for customer number 1.

I take Spirit of Life on the road and have been to Rockhampton many times. To the people of Rockhampton, the ladies, the medical professionals and all of the staff in the hotels, cafes etc... you all make the trip enjoyable. Thank you all so much.

We'll be back to Rock Rockhampton again.... we'll let you know.