Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wow.... are we rocking and rolling !

Ladies we just have just 3 days left in our Spring promotion at the boutique. Purchase any 2 Amoena bras and receive a 15%  factory rebate discount.

Glenda from Amoena popped in to see us today!

And have we been busy. More ladies have been through our store this September than any September in the past. And we still gave 3 opening days to go! Make sure you don't miss out... come in ASAP!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Have you had a lumpectomy? Then this is important.

Fresh back from Amoena in Germany I have had a couple of disturbing cases in the boutique. Two ladies who have had lumpectomies, who had visited the discount lingerie shops on Brisbane's north side. Here they had been fitted in underwire bras and these had caused them damage with severe bruising.

When you have had any type of breast surgery, you need to wear a special post operative bra. The specialists at Amoena in Germany understand this and design bras especially for you to wear to provide support and minimise any discomfort to you.

Ordinary bras just will not do this!

And.. because they had been sent to these shops by well meaning (but ill informed non experts who don't understand what is needed) they have missed out on the opportunity to be fitted with a partial prosthesis.

A partial prosthesis? Yes.. depending on the size of the lump or lumps removed by your surgeon, partial prostheses can balance you up again so that you have equal weight for both breasts (stops shoulder pain) and give you that pre surgery look again.

Did you know that all of the partial prosthesis can be claimed 100% refund from Medicare if you have a Medicare card. (Ring us for details)

Once you are past the post operative stage and have recovered, we can provide you with pretty feminine matching sets of the most stunning bras and briefs especially made for women who have had breast surgery. And we are talking quality lingerie here too!

How pretty is this? A sample of our range!

Finally, it is a fact that no other retailer in Australia carries as much of the Amoena post surgery range of prostheses, bras, swimsuits and leisure wear than Spirit of Life Boutique. We have regular clients from as far away as Japan, New Zealand and all corners of Australia who visit us for their post breast surgery range. Why don't you visit the boutique and discover for yourself why these women make us their first stop when they arrive in Brisbane?