Saturday, January 10, 2015

Well.. it's here.. faster than I expected!

2015 that is.. can you believe it? As a girl of 16 in the 60s, I could never have contemplated life in 2015.

And what a really awful start to the year.

I cannot believe that in this day and age there would be terrorists in my beloved country Australia.
And I cannot understand why the Muslims do not integrate like all the other cultures.
I grew up in the western suburbs of Melbourne where we had Italians, French, Chinese to name a few of the new Australians as we called them back then.

We all got along and shared each others different cultures. But for some reason the muslims do not want to mix with us. Just try as a westerner to set up a Christian Church in a Muslim country, and you would be stopped. The bottom line is that they they have no tolerance for other peoples culture or religion.

So To all those Islamic terrorists out there... listen up!

We will not change our ideals nor will we change our principles. This is our country and no minor religion will bend us or make us live in fear. We are Australians and we do not negotiate with terrorists.

My heart goes out to Paris; I have been there many times and love it. To all the families we pray for you and send our love in support.

Its time to start letting the Government know it is not acceptable to try to placate these criminals! It is  time the Government of this country got tough with these Islamic hate preachers and the terrorists themselves. We the silent majority have had enough. We want our country back please!

The law needs to change... we need a Guantanamo Bay type jail for those identified as terrorists or those plotting to carry out terrorist actions against us. This would send a message not to stuff around with us. And what about bail conditions? How about not letting people like Man Haran Monis out on bail when they have so many charges pending.  Who are the judges.. friends of the loony left?

Enough is enough.

Now.. got that off my chest so lets move on to something nicer....

We have had our first week back after the Christmas break and we have been very busy.  Our supply of swimsuits is nearly all gone so if you need a new swimsuit, then get in fast as sizes are limited.

Me and Chloe.. she is so cute!

This afternoon Mark and I took Chloe for a walk along the river.. and as usual.. Mark brought a camera. Looking forward to seeing you in the shop soon.