Monday, November 11, 2013

Love your sister.

Samuel Johnston is riding a unicycle around to Australia to raise money for breast cancer research. His sister is terminally ill with the disease. Tragically she has two small children who are going to lose their mother. This morning he was in town.. and our local bank, Bendigo Bank, who are our bank and one of his sponsors organised a fund raising sausage sizzle to welcome him to Ascot! Mark and I attended with Mark being our official photographer. Samuel is a great young man and is really starting to look a bit worn out. His cause is a worthwhile one though and I would encourage you to donate to this fine cause!

Debra and Vova (Bendigo staff) flogging sausages!

With Samuel and his unicycle!

The man himself!

Staff from The Lido and Vagellis Restaurants!

Bendigo Bank Staff!
Our local fire fighters turned out to support Samuel!

Samuel and our bank manager, Bruce!