Thursday, November 27, 2014

Summer is coming.. check these out...

Well although summer doesn't start until this Sunday.. the high temps are here already. A great time to cool off in the pool or at the beach. And this year we again have a very limited supply of German Sunflair mastectomy Swim  Wear.  And they have matching Pareos too!

Aren't these just stunning?

But get in quick.. once they're gone.. well they're gone!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

A special visitor

After last night's meal with Ronnie, today we spent more time with him at Spirit of Life here at Clayfield. And it is interesting that when we gave him feedback he was instantly on the phone to Amoena's factory for comments.

Now that is truly impressive. 2015 will see some brilliant new products from Amoena... and we are really excited to be in a partnership with them that will allow us to offer our special ladies only the best in range and products. Stay tuned!

Debra T

Glenda, Ronnie, Roxanne & Debra.

Good news, better news and a great night out...

For the last 10 years since I purchased Spirit of Life (having previously been the manager) we have built our product range around the Amoena brand. It is my firm belief that Amoena are the front runners in the design and manufacture of prostheses.

The engineering  and design behind every product is amazing.. and put simply, they pass the hug test. Nobody knows you are wearing a prosthesis when they hug you.

Just last august I spent time at Amoena headquarters in Raubling, Germany to see what was new and discuss some ideas that I had re product design. And they are very receptive to feedback.

Moving right along, Ronnie their CEO is currently visiting Australia and we have been to Melbourne to see him. This week, he is in Brisbane to see Spirit of Life for himself. Amoena are the largest player in the market with a share of 52% after nearly 40 years in business. They got to be this way by building a better product and taking a positive approach to women's health, post breast surgery.

Amoena's product line up for the next 2 years is amazing. From 2015 you will see those products being rolled out and.. available at Spirit of Life Boutique. Nowhere else in Australia will you find such a variety of Amoena products than at Spirit of Life Boutique.

So what are you waiting for? Come and visit us and see a wonderful world of colourful, post breast surgery lingerie and swimsuits. Plus.. those amazing breast prostheses!

Last night we played tourist guide and had dinner with Ronnie, Roxanne (Amoena's Melbourne based Australian CEO) and of course Glenda our supportive Amoena rep here in Brisbane. And of course.. Mark was there with a camera .. again!


Roxanne, Ronnie, Glenda and Debra in front of our famous bridge!