Monday, December 5, 2016

Transgender women are also important...

This came by email to me. I have removed the names and identifying parts of this ladies message.  All transgender women are always welcome at the boutique. We are there to help and are not judgemental at all. 

Although your primary audience is mastectomy patients, you probably realise that there's a significant market for transgender women needing help while we "grow our own".
I have a set of Aqua Wave forms and Contact Multi 3S adhesive pads, which I picked up from the wonderful ladies at Spirit of Life Boutique, Clayfield, Brisbane.
I got them just before I left for three months in (with held) as the (with held) at the (with held) Lodge.
In the daytime, I often take long hikes up the surrounding mountains. My Amoena forms have been wonderful. Always stay in place, even during strenuous climbs in 40 degrees. And in the Lodge swimming pool after! Or spiffed up for dinner.
The concave back on the forms is allowing my own breasts to grow without the overall look becoming unnaturally large."



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