Tuesday, November 22, 2016

There is life and lingerie after breast surgery !

We have been working in conjunction with one of our marketing guys based overseas and after seeing what we sold, he said, "There is life and lingerie after breast surgery."

To me this was a very powerful and positive message to woman who have had their own private breast cancer journey.  In fact it grabbed me so much is it now our new tag line and you will see it on our website and soon all business cards and brochures etc.

We even have a website based around it and you can view it by clicking  here:

So if you have been through your own personal journey with breast cancer and wonder where the old you went to.. then come and visit us and let us show you beautiful lingerie from the widest range of Amoena products in Australia. The new you is waiting for you to discover and we are happy to help you in your selection. Or just come for a visit and a chat and we will show you what is new and what just might suit you. There is no obligation, you will be amongst friends.



P.S. Some days we get so busy we have standing room only, so before you drive down from the Sunshine Coast or up from the Gold Coast.. it might not hurt to make an appointment. Just call us on (07) 3511 4222 and then we can slot you in and make sure we can have uninterrupted time with you.

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