Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Floods!

Wow.. haven't seen this since 1974. Today (Tuesday) we have closed the shop early to enable us to get home. I will be in the shop for a short time tomorrow and possibly Thursday. The predictions are for a big flood here in Brisbane on Thursday.

Our flood plan is as follows:

1. If the river rises tomorrow as we are being told, we will be removing all of our stock and moving it to higher ground.

2. If there is a worse case scenario becoming real and the shop is submerged, then we will still be able to trade in a limited fashion from my home on Brisbane's North side. (Clayfield) We will advise if this should occur. Please note that should this unlikely event happen, we would ask our customers to please ring for an appointment as we will not be able to handle "walk ins" during this time.

To all of our customers who may be affected by this terrible event, we pass on our sympathies and best wishes.

Good Luck.


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