Friday, January 14, 2011

The flood.. our latest position

Today Mark & I managed to get to our shop. We had to park the car near Petrie Tce and walk... poor Mark hand carrying a 30KG generator. Thankfully our shop has not been inundated. The shop has no power or phones (because of the power loss) and the underground car park is full to the brim with muddy water. We fired up the generator and powered up Rambo's fish tank to give his filter and heater etc a quick run. We estimate that we will be back in business on Monday. If the power is not reconnected we will bring in a large generator that will give us phones, computers and limited lighting; but no air conditioning.

At least we will be able to trade. If you have lost or damaged your prosthesis in the flood, please call us Monday and arrange to come in for a fitting. We do have stock, but it is limited. Also car parking may be an issue.. so best to call ahead on 3511 4222. At this point I must thank our good friend Greg Cary from Talk Radio 4BC here in Brisbane who advised our customers on air this morning that we would be open on Monday. Thank you so much Greg.. you're a good friend indeed.

We have grabbed a few pictures of Park Road for you all to see.

Talk soon.


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