Tuesday, August 22, 2017

And so the Ekka is over...

And that means our September newsletter is about to be posted in the next week. We have been busy here at the boutique, inserting newsletters into envelopes and addressing them. And of course serving customers too!

On Thursday we head off to Barcaldine to be part of a breast cancer awareness function and I am looking forward to that. Our first road trip in some time and the first in our "new" 3 year old Holden.

In other news.. Mark often hangs some of his own photographs (apart from commissioned work) from his studio in the boutique for Decor. One in particular drew so many comments and got so much attention that I was being asked by people if they could buy a copy of it.

Long story short.. yes you can.

A beautiful 24 x 20 inch print produced on metallic finish silver paper by Mark's profession lab.

And you'll find it on the boutique's website.

Have a look here!

More envelopes to stuff so I must get back into it.

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