Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Another Important Fundraiser.

So today finds Mark and me at the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce Breast Cancer Fund Raiser Breakfast. Held at Wavell Services Club, it was an emotional time as we heard from a mother and daughter about their experience when mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. This lady's daughter was only 9 when her mother was diagnosed and was a real support  as mum went through the trials and tribulations that eventually saw her out the other end and feeling great.

Jo, Norm and me. Norm is a hoot!

A good turn out with Simon on the hunt selling raffle tickets!

Jo along with Maureen and her team from MHJ.

It was good to see the "usual suspects" there who come to support the breakfast every year. People like President Simon Penrose, Councillor Norm Wyndham and of course our pretty in pink (always) lady Jo Hasson.

And also great of Michael Hill Jewellers to be the major sponsor for these events too. It all helps to ensure more of the money taken on the day goes to Breast Cancer Research. There is still time for you to get to a Breast Cancer Fund raiser this month.. just Google it!

The boutique was very busy these past two days and it was not helped by a major computer/software issue that meant we were hand writing receipts. Thankfully all of this should be resolved by tomorrow.

I am having a week off next week and leaving Christina, Annie and Desleigh to run the show. Why not pop in and see them?



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