Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The newsletter is out.. we are busy.. but...

Our Autumn/Winter newsletter is out and we are flat out. Is is great so see so many friendly faces in the store. If you are on our list and haven't received your newsletter yet.. it will be there soon! And don;t delay coming in as some of this fabulous stock is seasonal and won't be here again. When it is gone.. it's gone!

However, one thing that does concern me is this: No Shows on Saturdays. As you may be aware, we open Monday to Friday and on SOME Saturdays on an appointment basis only. The last 3 Saturdays that I have come to work and opened up especially to see ladies who couldn't come through the week, the no show rate has been appalling. From the usual 60% of late to a 100% failure last Saturday. Not even the common courtesy of a phone call. As passionate as I am about what we do here at the boutique, I do have a life away from here and can find other things to do on a Saturday (like see my Physio or Doctor) than sit here and wait for people who simply don't turn up after we have made a special appointment for them. I even ring people and they simply do not return my calls!

So, from now onwards, if you want to come on a Saturday, we will ask you to pay a $25 opening fee in advance on your credit card. When you come to the boutique, we will of course credit this towards your purchase. If you don't turn up.. well you get the picture.

I am not trying to be difficult, but the no show rate for Saturday appointments has now reached crazy figures.

I do hope you understand our position.


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