Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It made me think...

These past few weeks have been extraordinarily busy at the Boutique. And we have seen a lot of ladies from all over QLD, Australia and a few from New Zealand and South East Asia. The one thing they all tell me in common is that they cannot get any variety in mastectomy bras, prostheses and swimsuits in their own home town. Often they are shown a picture in a catalogue and told their prosthesis or whatever will be in next week. Or.. worse still.. this is what you need (meaning that this is all we have fro sell you!) and these ladies have ended up with a prosthesis that is too big, too small or incorrect in the projection for their particular use.

Now there are times when we get caught short of stock too... but for 95%+ of our customers we have just what they need on the shelf. A common comment is.. "I just cannot believe the variety and quantities you have on offer!" Well I guess that is because we are a 100% mastectomy shop. It's what we do. As I thought about this I had a bit added to our website.. I have reproduced it below.

"And finally, if you are from out of town, remember Debra carries more varieties and stock of mastectomy goods than any other lingerie shop in Queensland. Why should you wait for your item to come in from somewhere, because your local shop doesn't normally stock it? More often than not, you can walk in and walk out with just what you may need at Spirit of Life Boutique.  If you're from out of town, let Debra know you are coming and she will take care of you!  When you do make the journey to her Boutique, you will find as countless others have done before you that it will be worth your while."

Just a small selection of our mastectomy bras!

So if you are reading this in the country ( or another country) .. make the trip. You'll be so glad you did.



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