Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rome wasn't built in a day...

Well Rome wasn't built in a day... and it seems our new Spirit of Life Boutique at Clayfield is in the same category. However, having said that... it is coming along nicely. The painters have been and gone... so all fitting rooms built, office/reserve built and all painting down. We chose Rochelle Painting and wow have they done a great job. I could highly recommend them to anybody needing painting. A very professional operation. Next step are the signs.. and here is a mock up for our sign writer. When you are heading outbound on Sandgate Road... this is what you will see. Tomorrow Telstra (at last!) will be sorting our phone connection which will also give us our new number. If we have your address son file you will get a change of address notice in the mail from us in the next few weeks. Countdown to July 2... One month today and we're open. Stay tuned a
nd we'll keep you up to date. Debra.

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