Friday, April 13, 2012

Sometimes.. you need time out to simply "be still"

Hi there ladies. You know Mark often tells me that you need time out to simply be still. (Well that's what he calls it!) Recently he pointed out to me that we hadn't had a holiday where we could "be still" for over 24 years. You see our holidays usually involve trips either interstate or overseas to visit suppliers.. and if we're lucky we manage to grab 2 or 3 extra days to go sight seeing.

So imagine my surprise when Mark told me he had booked an eight day holiday for me at a resort where we could do nothing but lay around the pool. It was then that I realised that our last holiday was in 2010.. so it sounded great. We spent those 8 days just doing nothing.. or being still as Mark calls it. Turned out it was a great tonic. And of course.. there he was with the camera again. Me in the pool and his night shot of the treetops bar where we went for drinks before dinner. I highly recommend it.


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