Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So sad to say farewell to our Land Rover

Well.. the times they are a changing. After 4 years and lots of trips to see our rural ladies, the time has come to change cars. We are sad to see the Land Rover go as "Britannia" as I christened her has taken us far and wide across the eastern seaboard of Australia. She is big, very comfortable (she has air suspension) and also safe with 8 airbags etc. But the big navy blue girl does like a drink and really burns a lot of fuel. And although she has become part of the family and people in small country towns know her, we need to look at a cheaper to operate car.

So we will be replacing her with a small fuel efficient diesel vehicle (with a 5 star safety rating) that will still take us far afield to see our ladies... but use a lot less fuel and leave a much smaller carbon footprint. Of course husband Mark is a little upset to see her go. She has become one of his children.. but he'll get over it.

We are planning rural workshops in Queensland for next year so you will still see us.. just in a different car.



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