Monday, September 13, 2010

It's time to fix the economy.. go shopping!

Hi there.. since our federal election, business in Brisbane has nose dived.(I am not pointing fingers at any party; it's simply a fact.) Ask any cafe owner or retail shop and you will soon learn the truth. People are worried about their jobs, so they stop spending. All this does is make things worse for everybody. Virtually all of our friends in business are suffering greatly at the moment. And here at Spirit of Life, we're no exception. This September will turn out to be (on current results) the quietest month we have ever had in business. So if you need a new prosthesis or bra.. we would welcome you with open arms. And if you like coffee... then go visit your local cafe for a coffee and perhaps a sandwich. Unemployment is going to become a big problem in Queensland.. but you can help. Go and buy lunch with your friends.. or perhaps a new swimsuit from Spirit of Life.


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