Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A sad ending to a day that started out so well!

Wow! Can't life turn around so fast. Yesterday morning I was enjoying breakfast with the Lord Mayor in Brisbane. The day looked full of promise and opportunities. And then just after lunch I received a call from Melbourne. Grace Fisher was very ill. Come now! My husband Mark jumped into gear and booked me onto a flight to Melbourne later in the afternoon. Just enough time for him to race me home, pack a small bag and get me to the airport. As I sat waiting for my flight to be called, I thought about my long relationship with Grace. You see, she was my Grandmother and someone whom I loved very much. I thought of my teenage years when I lived with her in Melbourne and all of the things we used to do. As I grew to become an adult and then a mother myself I still took time out to travel to Melbourne to see her. Ours was a mother-daughter relationship. So very special.

My plane lands after an eternity in the sky; John waits in his car and we race to the hospital.... unfortunately we get there 5 minutes too late. My loving Grandmother Grace was gone. Now 24 hours and countless tears later, I realise yet again what a gift life is. Yes my Nanna is gone, but she will live forever in my heart and in my memories. She was blessed with 95 years to live out her life and like us all, she faced her joys and challenges with a strong heart.

Vale Grace Fisher.. gone but not forgotten.


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